Climate Change

Farewell, Bramble Cay melomys. Never heard of it? I hadn't either, until it's extinction was reported last year - the first mammal to be declared extinct due to climate change. 

It's happening, and we are the cause. And it is predicted to be the biggest threat to species by 2050. Some species can move to avoid the impacts of climate change, but soon there will be nowhere for them to run to. And it is happening too fast for many to adapt to. They are moving, starving, failing to reproduce and dying, and I blog about it all below. 

Despite the denials of some prominent politicians who I will refrain from naming lest I get too annoyed, many people are demanding action as the effects of climate chaos are becoming harder to ignore. Young people especially are getting mobilised, so there is hope. But we have had a huge impact on the climate for a long time - we even caused a delay to the Ice Age with the emergence of agriculture. It is the greatest challenge our planet faces.