In 2015, a study was published that described Homo sapiens as being a 'Super-predator'. We may not think of ourselves as being predators, but we kill a heck of a lot of animals. It all began 50,000 years ago when we emerged from Africa. Our ability to work together in large groups, co-ordinate and adapt strategies meant that we became the apex predator everywhere we went. The pattern of the arrival of humans and large animals going extinct repeats itself again and again.

We kill animals for lots of reasons - for food, for money through poaching for the wildlife trade, and for "fun". As you may guess, as a compassionate conservationist, I abhor trophy hunting. Anyway, I digress. Elephants, rhinos, pangolins, sharks...just some of the many species we are hunting to death.

With our big brains, complex culture and sophisticated technology, animals have not yet evolved anti-human defences. And they are suffering the consequences.