The seahorse carrying a cotton bud. The stag with fishing line wrapped around its antlers. The turtle with straw up its nose. We've all seen these viral photos that highlight the issue the world is finally waking up to, the problem with plastic. Plastic pollution, and the microplastics they break down into, is prevalent on land and at sea, the consequences of our throwaway culture evident for all to see.

Plastic is not the only source of pollution. The classic and dramatic image of dead birds and marine animals in the aftermath of an oil spillage is another, but many are not so obvious. PCBs, a pollutant associated with 20th Century industry still lurks in the environment and is accumulating in the bodies of animals. 

Pollution comes in many forms. Light pollution blinds birds and puts them off their migratory paths, and even noise pollution can affect the behaviour and population levels of wildlife.