Rewilding is a conservation technique I am whole-heartedly in favour of! It's one of my favourite topics in conservation.

Rewilding aims to restore large areas of wilderness and connections between them, allowing natural process to occur. This also involves reintroducing wild animals - apex predators or keystone species - back to areas from which they have disappeared (invariably due to our own careless or deliberate actions). It makes so much sense because it puts species back where they belong and allows nature to do its thing. It brings life back to areas, and allows human life to flourish too.

Rewilding means that ecosystems are naturally functioning which provides lots of benefits like carbon storage, flood prevention and water purification.

Plus it means some pretty amazing species are back where they naturally existed. The benefits of the return of wolves to Yellowstone have been well documented. In my home country, Scotland, the return of beavers has been a huge success, and in the UK there are exciting plans to bring back the lynx. There will always be objections, but if we value our wild places and species, it is the right thing to do.