Why Don't People Care?

On 22nd April 1970, the first ever Earth Day was held. It was an event organised to raise public awareness of the world's environmental problems. Twenty million Americans took to the streets to demonstrate, in rallies and marches. Since then, Earth Day has been celebrated in many countries by millions of people...but there hasn't been a similar mobilisation in one place for conservation ever since.

Climate change protests and student strikes are increasing, which has been great to see. But what about biodiversity? 

For me, conservation of species and ecosystems is the most important issue in the world today. And it hurts me deeply that so many people seem to be ignorant or completely ambivalent about it. Why don't more people care?

Conservation psychology is probably the newest sub-field of conservation. It is defined as 'the use of psychological techniques and research to understand and promote a healthy relationship between humans and the natural environment.' It is a subject I have only recently become familiar with, but I hope to learn more and understand how we can encourage people to wake up to the urgency and the importance of conservation.